AITS 2019 Logo.jpg


Each year the Art In The Square jury selects artwork for the logo of that year’s festival. We are proud to present the three artists for the Art In The Square 2019 logo:

Michael McKee from Fountain Hills, AZ. “Aspen Walk” Drawing / Printmaking Exhibitor since 2007

John Scanlan from Glenwood IA “Dawn’s Kiss” Photography Exhibitor since 2003

Jo Jennings from Irving, TX “Citrine Tower” Jewelry Exhibitor since 2000


To celebrate 20 years, the Art In The Square jury selected these artists in honor of their long term commitment to this event. Some of these artists are also invited to display at the Strokes of Art - a special and limited exhibit at Southlake Town Hall from January to April.  

featured artists for Art in the square 2019