General Volunteers FAQ

Where do I check in for my shift?

Volunteers check-in for their shifts at the Volunteer tent that is located close to Starbucks on Main Street. Please remember to check-in 15 minutes prior to your assigned shift.

What should I wear?

Please dress according to the weather as Gate Keepers are exposed to weather. There is water at the Volunteer tent, but make sure to bring sunscreen if it is sunny and warm. If the weather calls for rain you may also want to bring an umbrella.

Can I bring my child with me
to volunteer?

Adult volunteers are not to bring children with them to their assigned shift. If you have a teen that would like to volunteer, there are Teen Volunteer opportunities.

Where should I park?

Southlake Town Square has limited parking for the 2015 event, so we recommend that you try the parking garages located on the east side of Town Square.

Are there ATMs accessible
for attendees?

There are ATMs located in the breezeway between L’Occitane and Origins, Harkins Theatre and in the Hilton lobby.

Will I receive a reminder of my shift location and time?

All volunteers that provided a cell phone number will receive a reminder text message. You will also receive an email reminder 3 days prior to your shift.

Is there an admission fee for the event?

There is not an admission fee into Art in the Square, but all food, beverage and Kid Zone activities require tickets. Tickets are $1.00 each and can be purchased at any one of the four ticket booths.

Are there special guidelines for volunteers serving alcohol?

Yes, we will require volunteers that have signed up to serve alcohol to read over guidelines and adhere to all guidelines. There is also a TABC Training that will be held in April. If you would like information and to register for this event, please

What are my prime responsibilities as a Gatekeeper?

The primary responsibility of a Gatekeeper is to make sure that no one leaves the festival with alcohol. Many Gatekeepers also get asked questions regarding the festival, so make sure you are familiar with the locations of the restrooms and ticket booths. Maps are also available at the check-in table.

Are there specific guidelines for selling tickets?

If time permits, everyone selling tickets should ask if adults are planning to purchase alcohol. If they are, please check ID and give them a wrist band at the ticket counter. This will help the beverage tents out when they get busy serving and trying to keep up with ID’s.

How should I respond to people complaining about the ticket pricing or that the tickets are non-refundable?

If a customer is upset about ticket prices, please let them know that 100% of the net profits is donated to the chosen beneficiaries of the Southlake Women’s Club Foundation. The entire event is organized and run by volunteers. We do not refund money for unused tickets and suggest that they pay it forward to someone at the festival who may enjoy them.

What do I do in the event that no one is replacing me for my shift?

If you find that you are not being replaced, please contact one of the volunteer coordinators and they will send a replacement ASAP. Contact information will be provided to you when you check in.

For Ticket Booth Volunteers: Do we accept cash only or are we accepting credit cards?

If you have signed up for a Ticket Booth, we will once again accept cash and credit cards. The credit cards are processed through an app on a smart phone. You will be given instructions on how to download the app prior to your shift.

What if I still have a question that hasn't yet been answered?

Please send an email with any questions or concerns Thank you!